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"You Get a Trip and You Get a Trip and You Get a Trip!"

What!! Kenya is giving out trips now!? LOL

I am not sure how many of you are on the Facebook page ( but I was giving out 4 Day/3 Night or 5 Day/4 Night Vacation Vouchers to members who wanted to go to Hawaii and Rome, Italy! I was like go ahead now!! Congrats to Donna and Veleciaa!!

So what is this vacation voucher exactly. The vouchers are 3 to 5 night stays around the world such as the United States major cities, South Africa, Italy, India, Australia, Mexico, Fiji, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Russia, Dubai, Thailand, the list goes on!

There are no presentations to sit through. You pay the taxes on the hotel and expect to pay for your transportation and food. (There may be some Resort fees so call ahead along with room incidentals. You can't be breaking their stuff now.) For example, Mrytle Beach taxes are $22.70 per night! You get to see the hotel and pay for the taxes right online without choosing a date right then because you have up to 18 months to take the trip! If you ever get to win the voucher just know that there is 30 days to activate the voucher and 7 days to pay the taxes afterwards.

So how can you get one of these vouchers?

There are a couple of promotions that are going on in Girls Trip Travel Group this month!

1) Buy a Trip and Get a Trip Promotion

This just means that if you want to take a trip and you purchased it from Girls Trip Travel

Group from I will give you a vacation voucher of your choosing along with a Restaurant Savings Card! Save on your

travels with your first trip, then just pay taxes on your voucher trip, and eat for less

whenever! Like what a great deal!

2) Purchase $5 Jewelry from our Branded Merchandise from our group shop!

$25 or more to qualify (shipping and handling is not included) We are raising money

to try and get a booth at the Ultimate Women's Expo in May. Please support!

--> Click Here to go shopping!

3) Look out for the Give-a-way Vacation Voucher Contest on Facebook. I will be holding it

Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. Basically whenever I am in a given mood...LOL. I will

give you a heads up on the time I will Go LIVE.

4) Lastly, if you become your very own travel agent at and

in 30 days you can choose your own vacation voucher and I can show you how you can

start making commissions inside and outside the group and possibly replace your

income AND learn how you can give out the vouchers for yourself!

So there you have it Ladies!! So who is NEXT?

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