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How To Become an Event Host

Our Hosting Tiers


Tier 1 Events

  • Arrive Early to Location

  • Gather, Meet & Greet Ladies

  • Warm & Welcoming

  • Inclusive & Engaging

  • Effective Communication

  • Capture Photos & Video

  • Schedule Reservations (if needed

  • Have Fun!

Examples of Events

  • Restaurants

  • Parks (Hiking)

  • Local Festivals

  • Arts & Craft

  • Joining already Planned Events

  • Day Trips


Tier 2 Events

  • Includes Tier 1 

  • Scope Out Venue

  • Coordinate w/ Executive Team for Planning/Purchases

  • Coordinate with Owner of Venue on Rules

  • Setting Up Decor and/or Refreshments

  • Plan Event Schedule 

  • Small Admin Tasks

  • Delegate to Co-Host

Examples of Events

  • Branded GTTG Events

  • Themed Party Events

  • Vending Events

  • Networking Events

  • GTTG Activity Experiences

  • Day Trips


Tier 3 Events

Examples of Events

  • Weekend Trips

  • National Trips

  • International Trips

  • May include Tier 1 & 2 

  • Coordinate with Travel Agent

  • Zoom/Intermingle before Travels

  • Plan Activities/Tours w/ Ladies

  • Meet & Greet at Departure Location

  • Schedule Gatherings During Travels

  • Check In with Ladies

  • Emergency Contact Information

Event Host Perks

Gift Cards
One Night FREE with a USA/International Hotel Voucher 
$200 Restaurant Voucher
3 or 4 Night Cruise Voucher 
 One Night Free
Hotel Stay at Event
Coming Soon...Become a Girls Trip Affiliate and Sign Up Members and Earn

Terms and Conditions with Event Host Perks

Perks are offered based on the level of the event and will be discussed and agreed upon in writing before posting event.  

It is not a guarantee that a perk you desire for the level of event that you wish to host can be provided. 

Branded Gift Cards are up to $50 depending on the level of the event. 

Hotel Vouchers are offered to Advantage members, however GTTG will pay the event host up to one night of taxes and fees not to exceed $66 of their choice of hotel in chosen city when ready to redeem and activate voucher. 

$200 Restaurant Vouchers have an activation fee, however GTTG will pay the activation fee for the event host on their behalf. 

FREE One Hotel Night will be paid on behalf of the event host on a Level 3 tier event/trip paid upon booking hotel up to $200 for a night. In the event that the hotel is cancelled a credit will be provided for the one night stay or provided in other agreed upon terms. Hotel discounts may apply.

3 or 4 Night Cruises are offered to the Advantage members as part of a contest, however GTTG will provide the voucher along with a Oahu, Hawaii 4 night hotel stay voucher along with access to shopping discount card. GTTG WILL NOT provide any payment on taxes and fees due to this voucher is given out to a limited amount of members through a contest.

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