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Our Vision

To create a group of inspiring women that will grow internally by developing respectful, caring, and supportive relationships with other women as they experience the world together.

Join Girls Trip Travel Group Today!

Welcome to Girls Trip Travel Group! I am so glad you are visiting our website and getting to know who we are and what we are about. I, Kenya Duncan, is the Executive Organizer of the group. I started this group back in March 2019. I love to have fun and meet new people in different environments. 

The idea for this group came to me when I was trying to put together a Hawaiian Cruise for my aunt with her girl friends. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create a group of women that like to travel and are willing to meet each other and develop new relationships and memorable moments together.


We have groups in Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia, Kansas City, Missouri, Dallas-Fort-Worth, Texas and Columbia, South Carolina.  Please tell your girl friends and women in your family. Check out the Events page and join us at our next Intermingle and/or trip!

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About the Group

Our Mission

To develop inspiring moments, meet new women, experience new adventures, and travel within our cities as well as throughout the world.

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