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The Purpose of the Hot Pink Flower and How It Will Help the Group Travel More!

Kenya! How are you going to make sure people can find you in a crowd and they know it's you? A hot pink flower!

As some of you know I like to wear the hot pink flower in my hair. At first I wore it to be fashionable and then I thought I can separate myself in the crowd so the Ladies of Girls Trip Travel Group will recognize who I am when I texted them beforehand a picture of me with the hot pink flower in my head.

And then...!! I had the idea of bringing the group together at the Chateau Elan in August with the flower. The Ladies were all instructed to ask for the hot pink flower at the Spa check in desk as they signed in. I continued to enjoy the Spa and lo and behold someone with the same hot pink flower appeared. I knew they were a part of Girls Trip Travel Group instantly and I was able to greet them properly instead of asking, "Are you here with Girls Trip Travel Group?"

Next I thought, how can I bring the group together with the hot pink flower without me being present at the event? Then I thought, EVERYONE needs a hot pink flower to identify themselves as a member! That way if I plan a group event to a state park, Miami, New Years Eve party (stay tuned), or festival, I can bring the group together without even being there at the event. There are a lot of trips that people are requesting that I will not be able to attend but I would like for other women to attend without me and still come together (with the hot pink flower) to enjoy each other as a group.

So that being said, how can you grab your hot pink flower (it has to be hot pink shade to not cause confusion)? You can grab it at a hair store or here at this Amazon link. I do have a few hot pink flowers left over from Chateau Elan if you want to purchase from me for just $5 at an event.

Thanks Ladies and "Girl! Let's Just Go!

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