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Relax and Chat at a Staycation Virtual Retreat

Ladies! Let's embark upon relaxation and mindfulness at Girls Trip Travel Group's Virtual Staycation Retreat. What does that even mean?! Well, it means you can choose to go to the three retreat sites in your hometown or regional (see below) and check in to a hotel with other Ladies who are there to have a good time also. You will wake up to Breakfast with the Girls and embark into a virtual class with Ashley Renee, the Elemental Embodiment Coach. Afterwards you and the Ladies will choose what you would like to do to pamper yourself and enjoy each others company. Check out the videos below and check out our featured product L'Bri Pure & Natural Skin Care.

Featuring Ashley Renee, The Elemental Embodiment Coach

(Listen to the Interview)

Featured Skin Care Product

L'Bri Pure n' Natural

Check out L'Bri Pure n' Natural

Choose Your Retreat

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