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I Don't Know Those Women!

Next month on March 10th will mark Girls Trip Travel Group's 1 year anniversary. I have met so many wonderful women from all walks of life. The one question I like to ask is 'Why did you join the group?' The main answer that I receive is "I want to travel but I don't have anyone to travel with."

With that being said, we have about close to 3000 members from Meetup, Facebook, and the website ( combined. Give or take a few for double entry through all platforms. Now of course I have not met all 3000 women. But within about 30 past events I have to have met over 100 ladies.

So the question can we meet more of each other?

I met one cool lady at Mrytle Beach and she shared with me that she was scared to come to a hotel with a bunch of ladies that she did not know. She actually almost turned around in her car! However, she was glad she did not because she had a great time on the casino cruise talking about a variety of subjects with us and enjoying the beautiful ocean right outside her room.

So with that being said....don't be scared! Come on out to the Intermingles and day one trips. Get to know more women and see what you have in common. Network a bit. Exchange emails and phone numbers. And when a trip comes up and you need a car pool buddy or a roommate.....think "I remember that nice lady from....?" Call her up and see if she wants to go on a trip.

Like I said before, I can't go on all the trips but if you get to know enough friendly women you might end up planning your own Girls Trip! "Girl, Let's Just Go!"

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Hi GFs. Will there be a trip to your namesake the essence festival in New Orleans, July 2022? I’m going!

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