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How The Club.Travel Pays You Back Your Monthly Membership

Let me show you how the Hotel Credits pay you back your membership cost.

For example: You get the 25 a month membership.

Right after you join you get 25 hotel credits that equals 25 off the cost of your hotel stay!

A hotel stay is 250 without the credits. You can get up to 70 credits to further drive down the cost of the hotel stay and you have been saving your credits that roll over month to month. The cost of your stay is now 180! In a way you just received your money back through savings!

People usually don't stay in a hotel month to month. So as long as you stay in the Club.Travel you will be racking up those credits to use for big and small trips!

Think about where you want to go this Summer into Fall. You know you going somewhere!

Imagine staying in a 5 star for 3 star prices.....MMMMMM!

Check out the The Club Comparison Video -->

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