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Girls Trip Entrepreneur Group | What Business Do You Bring?

Hello boss ladies out there! Do you have a product or service that we can turn into an event or feature on a trip? That is exactly what Girls Trip Entrepreneur Group does! Here are some ways that we can turn your business into a Girls Trip Travel Group Event!

  1. We help to organize an event to launch or expand your business, where we can invite potential customers or even local businesses (B2B) to learn or experience your product or service.

  2. We can host virtual and in-person networking events with other women local businesses. This could be a great way to build relationships within your community.

  3. Coming Soon...We can host vending opportunities to include your product or service where your customers can sample and/or buy your products or services. This can include providing demos, complementary samples, or hosting interactive activities.

  4. Let's do a collab! If your business partners with another business or organization, we could create an event or trip featuring your products and services together to celebrate the partnership and promote the collaboration.

  5. We can help organize a charity event that aligns with your businesses values and mission. This could be a great way to get back to the community while promoting your business.

Overall, turning a business into an event or trip requires creativity and strategic planning. It can help to have a clear goal and a target audience in mind within or without our group. The key is to make the event engaging, interactive, and memorable for the Ladies!

Join us every Tuesday evening at 7:30 EST to present your business and network with other boss Ladies. Give a 1-2 minute verbal presentation about your product and service. Afterwards grab details on how Girls Trip Entrepreneur Group can turn your business into an event or trip and promote online.

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