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15 Tips to Not Let Money, Time, and Kids Keep You From Traveling More

I asked the question on Facebook, "What holds you back from traveling more?"

There are three answers to that question...Time....Money.....Kids (if you have them).

So what can we do?

Believe me, I get it! I was a single mother. I worked two jobs or long hours with commute time. Plus, I still never had enough money. These are just not excuses. These are good excuses. We have to provide and survive. There is no way of getting around it. So what can we do?

"Time.....Money.....Kids! What Can We Do?"

Don't Have the Time

1. Take 3 Day Weekends and Go!

2. Take Vacations Around Holidays

3. Stay Healthy So You Can Save Vacation Time

4. Change Jobs to Free Up Your Weekends

Don't Have the Money

1. Save Money by Eating Out Less and Planning Your Meals

2. Get a Side Business Hustle

3. Get a (No Drama) Roommate and Save on Rent/Mortgage

4. Research the Trips and Make Payments Over Time

5. Become a Travel Agent and Go for Less

6. Find a Group Rate and Travel with Friends and/or Family

7. Find a Job with More Money (even if you have to go back to school responsibly)

Kids Suck Up My Money & My Time

1. Put the Kids to Work (age appropriate) and Find Something They Love and Make Money from It

2. Start a Family Business

3. Find a Friend/Family with Children and Swap Weekends Taking Care of Each Other Kids and get the Heck Out of Town for the Weekend

4. Bring them Along on a Road Trip to Your Destination and Pack Lunches and Dinner in a Cooler

Now I know what you are thinking. I can't do a lot of these tips. You don't have to pick all of them. Pick the tips that can pertain to your life to make a little easier to just go! We are only here on earth for a short time. Why not enjoy it and make memories whether its by yourself or with family/friends. You are worth it!

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Yolanda P
Yolanda P
19 de set. de 2019

Very Great tips

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