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How to Get Out and Travel More and Meet More People

Everybody is so busy today. What happened to getting out there, enjoying life, meeting new people, and seeing the world?

"Girl! Let's Just Go!"

I was one of those people that woke up, went to work, came home.....Wash and Repeat. It has been about 20 years since I left high school so I looked back and wondered.... Kenya did you live and experience new things. Yes, I did sometimes, I thought. But what do you really want to do with the next 20 years of your life? I knew I wanted to TRAVEL MORE! But how?


If you read my last blog entry, you've read how I started Girls Trip Travel Group. Since I started the group, I have met so many nice ladies that have already traveled or wanted to travel more. One thing stood out among a lot of ladies as to the reason why they joined the group. They did not have anyone to travel with, or if they did their friends and family did not go because of time and/or money.

So How Can More People Get Out, Travel More, and Meet More People to Travel With

1. Join a Group- Whether its church, sports, game night, or a reading group. What is your hobby? What niche do you find interesting and find a group for it.

2. Hook up on Social Media- Facebook, Instagram,, etc.

3. Call Up an Old Friend- Sometimes we need to scroll down our phone or Social Media and reach out to old (no drama) friends just to see how they are doing. Catch up over lunch or dinner.

4. Talk about Travel with New or Old Friends- Find out where they have traveled and where they want to go. Then start planning.

5. Save up Money for Travel- The best deals to travel are not a year away. The best time to travel is within the next 3 months. Hotels and Resorts want to book up their rooms quickly. If the date is coming soon or its an off season they will offer discounts right around the corner. If you have been saving money its not a big deal to pay the money and just go!

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